Please note that leather is a natural material and may contain variation, which will not be considered a defect in the item. Variation in color, natural markings, blemishes and light scratches in the surface are part of the beauty & uniqueness in the leather. This variation may occur within the product itself as well as between two products of the same listing.  Enjoy each pieces variation as it what makes it unique.
Color transfer can happen due to the different ways the hides are tanned, this will also not be considered a defect of the item. Please contact prior to ordering if you have questions, as refunds will not be accepted for color transfer or natural variation in product. 

suede /
Use Dr. Jackson's Foaming Suede Cleaner and brush, follow manufacturers instructions. 
leather /
Depending on how the leather is tanned, each product can react differently to conditioners, cleaners, etc. Test in small area using the manufacturers instructions before apply to the product in its entirety. Suggested cleaning method: use slightly damp rag to massage in a light coat of Fiebing's Saddle Soap to entire product exterior. Let air dry flat. Buff with dry rag. For best results, treat product once per quarter.